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Have you taken your standard lessons in the past but need to refresh your skills before you take a test again? Do you want to improve your confidence on the motorway before driving on your own for the first time? Or has it been several years since you've driven and want to make sure you're ready again? At Waring School of Motoring, we can help you with advanced driving lessons to maintain or further increase your ability.

Looking for advanced driving lessons?


  • Advanced driving lessons

  • Semi-intensive courses

  • Refresher driving lessons

  • Hazard awareness tests

  • Confidence boosters

  • Customised lessons

  • High quality learning car

You can be a professional on the road

Like riding a bike, you'll never forget how to drive a car. What can be affected over time though is your confidence, and we can help you get it back. With one-off refresher driving lessons or a series of them where we can help you rediscover the basics, we'll have you back on the road alone with a confidence boost in no time at all.

Reacquaint yourself with the roads with our refresher driving lessons

Have a bit more experience on the road? Get in touch with us in Glenrothes, Kirkcaldy and Leven on:

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Transition driving

If you have passed your test in a country where drivers use the right hand side of the road, we can help you with the transition to driving on the left. Lessons would focus on such areas as observation, road positioning, signs and road markings. The correct procedure at roundabouts here would also be focussed on. Of course, our instructor could also support you to get more confidence in any other areas of your choice, in order to prepare you for the challenges of driving on the left.